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Saturday, July 20

Behind the scenes with Kristy and Maddi

Recently I met up with Kristy from Kristy Van Eck Photography and Maddi to take part in a styled shoot. Maddi had contacted Kristy about taking some photos to start her modelling portfolio and I tagged along to take some behind the scenes photos of the session! We spent a couple of hours at Kristy's place preparing clothes and make-up before heading down to a patch of pines that Kristy had found. The most amazing golden light was spilling through the gaps in the pines, illuminating the dried pine needles covering the ground. We then trekked through some really cold wet grass to arrive at some tall grass stalks as the sun quickly disappeared and the temperature dropped. It was so much fun hanging out with these two, I'm really happy I was able to spend some time with them as we hadn't had much luck organising a day with good weather and the next day I was heading off out of town! I hope we can collaborate again sometime in the future! Head over to their sites linked above to check out their versions of the day!

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