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Thursday, June 27

Family :: Engin, Lydia, Ricky and Aslan

I've known Lydia since my second year at uni. We went on a few field trips together and became friends and she is currently completing her honours year in the same department that I completed mine. Lydia and her partner Engin have an awesome son Ricky and nearly 4 months ago, they welcomed son number 2 and Ricky's little brother, Aslan, to the family. I offered to take some photos of the family for them and they were happy to let me, which I really appreciate!

On a lovely Sunday a few weeks ago I went over to their house and took a few photos whilst they finished getting ready for the morning. We then strolled over to Gresswell Forest Wildlife Reserve that was just down the street from their place. Almost immediately after we entered, we came across a few roos having brunch, who let us get quiet close to them. They weren't the last ones we came across either, they were almost everywhere!

We wandered around the reserve, enjoying the sun whilst Ricky quizzed us on Clone Wars, the Star wars cartoon series. I love the Star Wars movies, but have no idea about the cartoons, so I failed miserably. Engin won the quiz, no surprise there as he sees it at home with Ricky all the time! Aslan was super relaxed and comfy in his mum and dad's arms the whole time. He just watched everyone and everything around him in silence, he was such a content little fella!

I had so much fun hanging out with these guys and capturing some lovely moments!

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