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Wednesday, May 8

A photography walk

For a long while now, I've wanted to attend a photography walk in Williamstown, run by DJB World Photography. I found out about these walks through a photographer that I admire and whose blog I follow, Claire Alice Young. The workshop/walk was about learning how to use manual mode on your camera, I have recently been using my camera on this mode and was slowly getting the hang of it, but this workshop was great to make sure I was using it in the right way. It was also nice to have an excuse to get out of the house and take some photos! I really would recommend these walks to anyone who wants to learn how to use their digital SLR properly, rather than using it on auto or semi-auto. 
Here are my photos from the walk. I just have to say though that the photo of the guy in the rainbow top was purely by accident! I was trying to get a pic of his awesome shirt and he pulled this pose at the same time I pressed the button!